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Are You Looking To Get Water Pumped Out Of A Basement In Brooklyn NY?

If you are looking for an emergency disaster cleaning service in Brooklyn right now, you need look no further. Whether you’re looking for someone to clean water out of a basement in your house, or you need to find a nearby emergency water damage restorer for a commercial building located in Brooklyn New York, The Flood Repair Guys will handle the cleanup for you quickly and efficiently.

If you need to find a carpet cleaner to dry wet carpets in your living room, or to get rid of a nasty moldy smell from your carpets we can handle it for you with perfect results. We are the premier water extraction company to hire to clean up flooding in basements, you can also hire us to fix bathroom ceiling flood damage. We not only remove all the wet drywall on the ceiling but can also replace drywall, fix the walls after water damage, and then prime and paint everything for you. Call us at (347) 318-0004 right now and we will respond immediately to handle your loss.

We serve all Five Bouroughs& Long Island! New York City, NY | Brooklyn | Queens | Bronx | Staten Island | Nassau County | Western Suffolk County

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Sewage Spills

Sewage damage from sewer backups in basements from sewage pipe damage in some cases are compensated by insurance companies. Before you call insurance company to check for sewage damage compensation & coverage, call The Flood Repair Guys first. We are a company that cleans sewer spills up in Brooklyn NY area, and understand your insurance policy.

24 Hour Emergency Service

If you need 24 hour emergency flood water damage service in Brooklyn and have no insurance, no problem. Whether you have insurance or not we get the job done, and our emergency rates in Brooklyn are reasonable because we are located in Brooklyn NY! Call now for fast service.

Flood Repair

The Flood Repair Guys know how to repair flood damaged homes& respond quickly to any flooding in Brooklyn NY within the hour. We are truly a 24 hour emergency flood cleanup service based nearby you in Brooklyn. Got a flooded basement, we will be there in a flash!

Mold Remediation

If you need a company who does mold testing near you, who inspects or removes mold in houses, you need look no further. We remove mold from homes, get rid of mold on basement walls, we will fix your mold problem in Brooklyn 7 days a week.

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